Add yaz proxy for z39.50
Sort issues in detailedHoldings
Move to docker and K8S

3.0 patch 4
SE-2480 OpenholdingStatus oprydning i regler for 'role' - logic for role is moved to the java holdings-service
SE-2480 ini: add &role=%s to holdings-service uri in ols_get_holdings

3.0 patch 3
Enhancement: url to solr could be to long. Changed structure to minimize

3.0 patch 2
bugfix localisations: role=bibdk duplicated the pid

3.0 patch 1
bugfix 21588: Fix duplicating last entry

ini: changed setting-style for openAgency
ini: solr_uri
api: localisations: Added new parameter: role
Bug 21588: bestillinger fejler efter overgang til brønd 3.5 - lokal-pid'er i bestillinger

2.2 patch 4
Bugz 21329: Revert multivolumne stripping from localisations end point

2.2 patch 3
Bugz 21329: multivolume pids are stripped volume information (__ and data after)

2.2 patch
note from 'copyInformation/note'

xsd: added localIdentifier to holdingsItem
item_not_found as answer for responseCode 200 and errorMsg
US 1477: ORS: Netpunkt skal ombygges til at bruge denne service ved holdingsopslag

US 1475: ORS: OpenHoldingStatus skal bruge REGA til at lave iso20775-opslag 
ini: iso20775_server
ini: removed iso20775_parameters

Detailed holdings information - US 1378: Mulighed for at servicen returnerer "detailed holdings information" i sit response
wsdl, xsdi, ini: new operation detailedHoldingsRequest
xsd: localHoldingsId and note in responder in holdgingsResponse: added minOccurs="0" - US 1311

ini: iso20775_parameters - parameters for iso20775 sru search - US 1311
support for iso20775 holdings - US 1311
US 1311: OpenHoldingStatus: OpenHoldingStatus skal samarbejde med iso20775-service om holdings fra iso20775-biblioteker 
xsd errorType added "error_contacting_holdings_server" and "error_parsing_holdings_server_answer"

Change schema OID from 1.2.840.10003.13.7.2 to 1.2.840.10003.13.7.4
removed bibliographicRecordAgencyId from xsd, code and examples
Support for z3950-authentication

localisationsResponse: added localIdentifier
fors authentication as netpunkt.dk
inifile: added agency_server_information. Using openAgency to get zurl for holdings-request
localisationsResponse: added callNumber 
localisationsRequest: added mergePids 
holdings: pid as alternitive to bibliographicRecordId and bibliographicRecordAgencyId
Added localisationPid in localisationsResponse 
new operation: localisations
inifile: Added ols_get_holdings

handling No holding
authentication - sofar only IP

First version